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Welcome to the amazing world of Alchemical Nutrition

We passionately believe that we have a duty to reintroduce the traditional principles of naturopathic nutrition, into the nutritional profession.

In more recent years the alternative health movement has been bombarded with voluntary regulatory rules for self-regulation. This lead educational providers believing that there was a real need to become recognised by a vast range of regulatory bodies, maximising their marketing appeal of their course to new students, with the potential opportunity to corner a lucrative market sector. The down side of all this activity was that many courses feel the need to follow the core curriculum for nutrition to achieve recognition, leaving the core of many nutritional courses very much the same. However, the biggest cost of achieving this recognition meant a need to leave many of the traditional teaching principles and techniques behind, often leaving the course without a philosophy that would empower students and graduates to go out and spread the word. It’s sad to think that many nutritional graduates today never go into private practice, preferring to go into industry.